Services we offer


We are a Custom Software Development company in León (Spain). We design applications for web, mobile (android and iOS) and Windows and Linux environments. Cloud software development (in the cloud) and real-time environments: capacity control, employee management, billing… take control of your business.

Custom Software

We program custom software for different platforms such as Windows, Linux, Android, iOS and SaaS (software in the cloud) using the latest technologies.

CloudCRM (In the cloud)

We design management software such as stock control or comprehensive employee and billing management through a control panel in the cloud or integrated into mobile applications.

Creation of webpages

We create your custom website and design your corporate image, as well as customer or employee areas so that you have all the centralized information.

Software for Clinics

If you have a clinic, we have the software you need: a comprehensive solution to manage appointments, employees, patients, invoices and personnel control. Integrate the online appointment on your website in a very simple way.

Personalized Ecommerce

We create your online store completely tailored, so you can dedicate yourself to what matters: your customers. We design your sales funnels and help you manage stock and sales through fully customized software.

Customized Solutions

Whether you are self-employed or have a large company, it is never too late to digitize your business. We help you in the digital transformation by designing a project specially adapted to your needs.

Tell us your idea and we will make you a budget adapted to your needs.


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