What is Digitization?

Custom Software Services

We are a Custom Software Development company in León, Spain. We develop custom applications for SMEs and companies.

Comprehensive management software

Comprehensive Management Software (CRM)

We create cloud-based comprehensive management software: employee control, billing, stock, payroll automation, access control… we adapt to your needs.

Web development and custom software

Custom Web Development

We design your website. Capacity control, personalized e-commerce, comprehensive billing system. We design your custom corporate image.

Comprehensive management software

Apps for Android and iOS

We develop custom software for Android and iOS. Medical applications, push notifications, educational software, applications for your clients. Take control of your company.

Why use Custom Applications?


Because custom software saves time and reduces costs. As a result, billing is increased significantly and paperwork is eliminated.

Why choose us?

First of all, we are specialists in custom development. We adapt to your needs. In addition, we will help you save unnecessary costs and increase billing.

Applications development

Programming Experts

We are experts in custom web and mobile development.

Secure Code

Secure Code

We carry out regular security audits to check for potential vulnerabilities.

software development

Technical advice

We advise you on your project to offer you the solution you need.

Support Service

Support Service

We offer human technical support for all our developments.

custom applications

Android solutions

We integrate any type of CRM or management system in native Android applications.

Custom software development

iOS Apps

We integrate your project into custom applications for iOS.

We develop custom software and adapt to your needs. We create all kinds of custom applications for web and mobile devices We work with Android and iOS. We create all kinds of applications for SMEs and large companies. We design your online store. We also create your brand image and help you update your business.

First of all, our team of professionals will advise you for freeon your project. Certainly, more and more companies rely on custom software as a work solution. Consequently, custom software saves costsin time and workers. As a result, it increases the efficiency of your company, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your business.

Contact us or call us, we will be happy to help you.

Tell us your idea. We will make a budget adapted to your needs.


We adapt to your business modeland create a custom project.

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